Atlantic Mortgage & Investment Company

Delivering Sound Commercial Mortgage Banking Solutions
Atlantic Mortgage & Investment Company is an independent, full-service commercial mortgage banking firm, and has been a leader in Virginia and selected Southeast markets since 1979.  Our solid foundation of expertise and knowledge works to create solutions unique to each client's needs.
Atlantic Mortgage & Investment Company
 Apartments, retail and office buildings have been historically the leading production categories, with warehouses, office distribution facilities, hotels and other property types comprising the balance of our production volume.

Despite the ever-changing economic environment, Atlantic Mortgage & Investment Company remains flexible and innovative in matching the needs of our investors and developers, achieving financing and equity production volume that has increased annually and totals in excess of $4 billion.

Our team's diverse and broad experience creates a synergy of efficiency and independence, allowing us to consistently serve our investors and developers regardless of the changing demands placed by uncertainties in the marketplace.